Elm Vase by Greg Thomas

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All Greg Thomas bowls are hand-spun, one of a kind, unique bowls with a beautiful smooth finish. 

"Elm is not a wood I turn a lot, but each time I do I'm surprised by how much I enjoy the result. Elm has a very distinctive interwoven grain that makes it a bit of a challenge to turn but also makes for a very interesting surface. The section of log that this vase came from was huge, it was a gift from a fellow turner, Brian Jackson. I turned it to a rough approximation of it's final shape and put it into a box to slowly dry. After several months, I moved it to my wood kiln. When it came out of the kiln, it had lost so much moisture that its extreme oval shape would not allow returning. I had to wet it thoroughly and put it back in a box for several months so it could absorb some moisture and relax into a returnable shape. I loved the grain on this piece and especially the spot where a limb originated. 

Your bowl will continue to darken and develop a patina after years of use. This is a good thing, it speaks of the many hands and uses that the bowl has experienced. 

It is my hope that this bowl will be passed down through the generations." -Greg Thomas