Cherry Vase by Greg Thomas

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All Greg Thomas bowls are hand-spun, one of a kind, unique bowls with a beautiful smooth finish. 

"I usually call bowls or vases turned with the bark side up, natural edged. This piece of cherry was old and much of the soft wood on the rim was lost, leaving a ragged edge. I liked what was left. It speaks of age and erosion. While the bowls and vases in this series share similarities, each one is unique. 

This vase is decorative but it could also be used for nuts or some other dry food. When you can no longer smell the finish, it will be food safe. 

Care for this vase by keeping it out of direct sunlight, and treating it as any piece of fine furniture. Wax and oil it as needed. Avoid furniture care products containing petroleum distillates. This kind of care produces heirlooms. 

This vase will develop a patina over the years. This speaks of the many hands that have held it. I hope that this bowl will be passed down through many generations." - Greg Thomas