Bearded Black Walnut Vase by Greg Thomas

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All Greg Thomas bowls are hand-spun, one of a kind, unique bowls with a beautiful smooth finish. 

"This black walnut vase is not a conventional beauty, but it is beautiful. I first saw the cracks as I was beginning to turn it and when I had the outside shaped I knew that I would continue to work with this piece. Half of it was cracked but in an interesting diagonal way, like lightning bolts. There was a dark band that ran though the brown of the walnut. It occurred to me that by beading the outside I could pull all of its aspects together. I'm a wood explorer, so I explored. 

In nature, I find that perfection has infinite forms, one only needs the patience to see them.

Your bowl will continue to darken and develop a patina after years of use. This is a good thing, it speaks of the many hands and uses that the bowl has experienced. 

It is my hope that this bowl will be passed down through the generations." -Greg Thomas