Why "Handmade"?

 The Name

   When Handmade opened in 1996, all of the goods inside were directly handmade and most were sourced locally. Over the years the offerings have expanded, but the dedication to high-quality, well-crafted handmade items hasn't wavered  Recently there have been fewer directly handmade items available, but we are actively working to add additional items. Whenever possible we try to source locally,  but are also open to any small batch, handcrafted and unique items made elsewhere that match the NWA spirit and reflect the quality that you expect from THM.  

 Handmade Value

   Items that are produced in larger quantities have their place, but we believe that those objects, items and foods that are made in small batches and shaped largely by hand hold an intrinsic value that mass produced just can't mimic. Each has a story and each mark or flavor adds a little bit to the telling of that story. Handmade items are often more visually pleasing and have a sense of person that manufactured items do not. There is an individuality of these beautiful items that connect two souls, maker to user, by way of personal choices that were made. We look for makers and products that are aesthetically pleasing, have a great story and make an impact on communities beyond the simple utility. Some of our makers give back to the community in the form of education, share of profits or by providing employment to those in need. Some other products are made by people trying to perfect their craft and create something that has never been. Other products simply have thoughtful design that improves one's life through use or can be repurposed.

We promise to gather stories and products that delight the eye, enrich the soul and warm the heart.