Submit Your Work

We are always looking for Artists and Great Products!

   We appreciate the opportunity to review your work and are proud to carry a growing assortment of handmade and artisanal products. While we always are accepting submissions, we cannot respond to each one and may only reply if we are able to offer you immediate space in the shop. All other submissions that meet our requirements will be kept in a file for future consideration. If you do not receive a reply, please do not be discouraged. 

  Artists interested in selling work at The Handmade Market should read the following before submitting work, as work that is not submitted correctly may not be considered. We do not do first review of work in the shop, so only digital submissions are accepted. All works will be reviewed and evaluated based on how they works within the context of the store and how it suits the needs of our customers.


1) Consignment Artists: Review and identify artists whose work we can add to the walls, shelves or showcases of THM.

2) Handmade Database: Begin to build a database of local artists, makers and creators who are interested in commissioned or custom work that we can reach out to as needed for projects.


    • Gallery | Museum Store level of craftsmanship: This means an attention to details as well as practiced craftsmanship that shows through the work without pointing it out.
    • Unique approach or POV: We are not looking for novelty, but we are looking for artists that see things and do things different from others in the area and not already available in our store.
    • Professionalism: Beyond quality of work is quality of understanding of the business, the impact of your personal brand and a willingness to work together to promote the work.


     Artists 60% | Store 40% of sales price. Payments are made to artists monthly by 5th of the following month. 


     Please send an email to with "Artist Submission" in the subject line and include the following:

    Your Name   |   3 Images of Your Work   |   Suggested Sales Price

     If you work is accepted into the shop, you'll be asked to schedule a date to bring it in along with inventory sheet that details the work. All works should be labeled with artist's name and suggested sales price.