olive oils & vinegar

Some of the best olive oil on the planet comes from California.  Because the soil and growing conditions in California are different from those in Greece, Italy, and Spain, the flavor profiles of domestic and imported oils are different.  Katz and Company makes EVOO on the eastern border of Napa in the Suisan Valley.  It is used in Berkeley’s famous Chez Panisse restaurant.  80 Acres organic EVOO comes from the McEvoy Ranch in Marin County.  Both oils are medium bodied with a grassy aroma and a mild peppery finish. The imported EVOOs that sit next to their American counterparts are different in structure and best way to tell the difference is to look, smell, and taste them side by side.  The Handmade Market hosts tastings every Saturday from 11-5. Katz and Company also produces artisan vinegars using the Orleans technique developed 200 years ago in France.  Their vinegars are aged in oak for at least 10 months and the splendid results speak for themselves.